A Friend of My Friend

I’ve been lagging on my posts this summer, but this is as good a reason as any to get started again:

One of my former housemates and good friend, Sarah Hobstetter has sent out a call for entry- the event is a benefit for the hikers held in Iran, one of which is a good friend of hers. Please consider sharing your work to help the cause. See below for details:

(the original email call for entry)

As many of you know, my dear friend Shane Bauer has been held in Evin Prison in Iran for 451 days. Shane was one of my closest friends growing up and he had a huge influence on who I am today.
Shane is a fiercely principled individual, who has dedicated his life to acting as a cultural ambassador, witness, and critic of American foreign policy. Shane was never afraid to be different, hold unpopular opinions, and speak on behalf of his beliefs. During his time in prison, Sarah Shroud tells me that Shane has been brainstorming how once released, he can use his visibility to speak on behalf of other political prisoners.
I’m organizing an art auction at 111 Minna on November 21, to raise funds for the defense of Sarah, Shane and Josh. Thinking about Shane makes me realize how amazingly smart and my network of friends is. I am so lucky to be connected to so many amazing people.
Please help me with this event by spreading the word, submitting work, and asking your friends to do the same.
Attached is a call for work flyer- for more info on Shane, Sarah, and Josh go to http://freethehikers.org/
Thank You!



Poetic printing

I finished my certification classes at SF Center for the Book a few weeks ago and in the last class we made a collaborative book. We voted on themes ranging from Thoreau quotes to something like breakfast preferences. We landed on one everyone could relate to; Fears. We named the book Fraidy Cat (although after printing we realized it might have been fun//confusing to non-class members to name it Friday Cat, since the class was held at the end of a work week and the lettering would have looked like a giant typo)

So I had just finished re-reading the The Awakening by Kate Chopin, which has a pretty clear theme of domestic and social oppression weaved with self discovery and an “awakening” which eventually leads the heroin to swim out into the ocean and drown herself. This narrative was still obviously fresh in my mind as I was browsing the block images I had to choose from:

(quick disclaimer: I’m probably the last person to be described as the above!)

But I do have to admit, these are legitimate fears that relate to my own life as well. Of course I have the fear of “Sinking instead” of swimming when it comes to leading a successful fulfilled life. And Yes, giving into a default, Midwestern version of happiness that is realized as a stepford wife, is an albeit distant, but real fear.

(second quick disclaimer: not all married Midwestern women are stepford wives, nor are they necessarily “over-domesticated and under-fulfilled”, it’s just something I’m vigorously trying to avoid!)

Below is the colophon and a glimpse of our fffraidy-cat cover:

“The IQ font”

Pretty sweet. Found this via Subrosa, the NYC company that’s orchestrating the temporary Levi’s letterpress studio on Valencia in SF this summer (more on that later!)

watch the making of here

“Love our Planet a Latte”

Check it out – my first a ever (and longest running) freelance client, Green Cafe Network just recieved a $15,000.00 grant from Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund ! Congrats Kirstin & co.!

Downsizing, gets a little dirt(y) in the ‘D’

I’m so excited! Although I do understand why local, long-time residents and home owners in Detroit are hesitant to move or give up their neighborhoods, I also believe change is good, even when it’s scary. When a city has an estimated 33,500 empty houses and 91,000 vacant residential lots over approximately 40 square miles of vacant property, something’s gotta give.

The new initiative which intends to demolish “10,000 houses and empty buildings in three years…” and improve the health and well-being of a more condensed city, seems like the radical thinking a city like Detroit needs.

I’m also very glad to hear that Mayor Bing seems to have some good ideas, true integrity and essential business experience (plus he used to be a Piston!) According to the recap of his state of the city speech back in March, he’ll be making few improvements from the previous administration (not naming names, of course!) And apparently he has even sat down with the president to talk federal backing.

But I’m Beyond stoked about the urban farm plan and the efforts to improve the health of local Detroiters through an ice-cream-style produce truck! Living in what experts call a “food desert” it’s no wonder that 1/3 of the adults aged twenty and over in Wayne County are obese. With no access and few choices, there’s not much people can do. That’s why the Hantz Farm project is genius. Not only will residents learn about and have access to fresh, locally grown produce, they will learn on the job, and develop life long skills and inmproved eating habits that will hopefully be passed on for generations. Check out some of their press here.

The whole thing is impressive, and I’m truly proud of what they’re trying to do doing in Detroit! go MI 🙂

“To green or not to green…”

That, is the question…

Or rather “Can you be a ‘Good Environmentalist’ and still eat meat”, which is a murky thing, but for the vast majority the answer is “No”.

In a perfect world, we’d all be sustenance farmers that love our cows and chickens and goats and give them names and comfy, happy homes in which to wile the day away, giving us their milk and eggs until they reach a pleasant, painless end…and fork over the flesh. Unfortunately, most people Aren’t in a position (or are unwilling) to to put in the time and effort it takes to raise and then “process” (=slaughter) their own livestock. So we resort to the abomination that is the commercial meat industry  which does things like so:

That aside, the event should be interesting. Howard Lyman, a fourth generation farmer from Montana who was educated in modern farming practices and owned a huge commercial cattle ranch, has been vegan since 1991.

Are we so attached to the dietary fallacies with which we were raised, so afraid to counter the arbitrary laws of eating taught to us in childhood by our misinformed parents, that we cannot alter the course they set us on, even if it leads to our own ruin?”

Nicollette Hahn Niman, a one time environmental lawyer for Waterkeeper Alliance, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s environmental organization, and current wife of Bill Niman, founder and former owner of Niman Ranch, one of the most well-known commercial cattle ranches in the country, is the opposing voice.

Let’s just hope the discussion encompasses the relevant issues and isnt’ hijacked off onto to some useless tangents…

Lyman vs. Niman:
Can You Be a ‘Good Environmentalist’ and Still Eat Meat?
Thursday, May 20, 2010
7:00 PM (Doors open @ 6:30)
Richard & Rhoda Goldman Theater
The David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way in Berkeley

**FUN to be had**

Vegan treats and indie publishing…this looks awesome and like the perfect way to spend my 25th bday, which just so happens to be the same day as the SF stop!

Monday, Apr. 12 at 7 p.m. at Needles and Pens