I’m so excited! Although I do understand why local, long-time residents and home owners in Detroit are hesitant to move or give up their neighborhoods, I also believe change is good, even when it’s scary. When a city has an estimated 33,500 empty houses and 91,000 vacant residential lots over approximately 40 square miles of vacant property, something’s gotta give.

The new initiative which intends to demolish “10,000 houses and empty buildings in three years…” and improve the health and well-being of a more condensed city, seems like the radical thinking a city like Detroit needs.

I’m also very glad to hear that Mayor Bing seems to have some good ideas, true integrity and essential business experience (plus he used to be a Piston!) According to the recap of his state of the city speech back in March, he’ll be making few improvements from the previous administration (not naming names, of course!) And apparently he has even sat down with the president to talk federal backing.

But I’m Beyond stoked about the urban farm plan and the efforts to improve the health of local Detroiters through an ice-cream-style produce truck! Living in what experts call a “food desert” it’s no wonder that 1/3 of the adults aged twenty and over in Wayne County are obese. With no access and few choices, there’s not much people can do. That’s why the Hantz Farm project is genius. Not only will residents learn about and have access to fresh, locally grown produce, they will learn on the job, and develop life long skills and inmproved eating habits that will hopefully be passed on for generations. Check out some of their press here.

The whole thing is impressive, and I’m truly proud of what they’re trying to do doing in Detroit! go MI 🙂