I’ve been lagging on my posts this summer, but this is as good a reason as any to get started again:

One of my former housemates and good friend, Sarah Hobstetter has sent out a call for entry- the event is a benefit for the hikers held in Iran, one of which is a good friend of hers. Please consider sharing your work to help the cause. See below for details:

(the original email call for entry)

As many of you know, my dear friend Shane Bauer has been held in Evin Prison in Iran for 451 days. Shane was one of my closest friends growing up and he had a huge influence on who I am today.
Shane is a fiercely principled individual, who has dedicated his life to acting as a cultural ambassador, witness, and critic of American foreign policy. Shane was never afraid to be different, hold unpopular opinions, and speak on behalf of his beliefs. During his time in prison, Sarah Shroud tells me that Shane has been brainstorming how once released, he can use his visibility to speak on behalf of other political prisoners.
I’m organizing an art auction at 111 Minna on November 21, to raise funds for the defense of Sarah, Shane and Josh. Thinking about Shane makes me realize how amazingly smart and my network of friends is. I am so lucky to be connected to so many amazing people.
Please help me with this event by spreading the word, submitting work, and asking your friends to do the same.
Attached is a call for work flyer- for more info on Shane, Sarah, and Josh go to http://freethehikers.org/
Thank You!