RIP Velour-Flowered Couch

I’m kicking myself…

After working last week in Millbrae, I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the ocean and to drive over to Pacifica then on to Montara, the same place Tim and roommate Josh and I spent Christmas day this year. To relax, appreciate my luck and generally take in the ocean breeze.

Well needless to say, on the short trip over, my keen sense of direction had me second guessing so I turned off at Rockaway Beach to stop at the oh-so-convenient but closed ‘visitors center’ to check out a map. Luckily there was this great antique place next door where i found this beauty:

I tried and tried and tried to justify buying it (50% it’ original $500 sticker, plus talked them into another %10 off!! It’s SO MY COLOR! it’s in impeccable condition!) only to live in storage in our garage (we HAVE a garage in SF!) until the unknown date of moving to a new ridiculously-nice-yet-cheap San Francisco apartment… and despite the fact that I had no idea how i would transport it, beyond strapping it to the top of the jetta…

Oh well. My heart hurts for missing out on the couch of my dreams, but I guess it’s all for the better. Hmph! At least this little guy was greeting me when I walked out:



Soooo back in 2008 (?) Jim Sherradon of Hatch Show Print, letterpress shop in Nashville Tn. that’s been active since 1879, brought a show to MSU of amazing prints and an even more amazing story of ‘preservation through production’. I was mesmerized from the get-go and have been trying to get my hand in letterpress ever since. I made a little ‘pilgrimage’ to Hatch that summer with hopes of returning as an intern in the future.

I took a brief workshop that fall at SAI of Chicago during the 2008 AGI conference and after moving to San Francisco in 2009, started volunteering at SF Center for the Book. Somewhere along the line, I decided to drop a line to Jim at Hatch and see if they had any room for me in the shop…

We had a great conversation about things like life after school, making art and getting by in the ‘real’ world with an art degree (i.e. waiting tables, in his case as a post-grad and slangin’ drinks in a coffee shop in mine!) and by the end of it he told me how to get in touch with Bethany, the “intern wrangler”. Ecstatic, I did this and went about the appropriate steps to apply for the program…still not getting my hopes overly high.

Expecting to hear about the internship not before April, I was blown away last week to come home and fine this in my mail box:

SO I opened the package to find this:

aaand happily ever after, I will be interning at Hatch Show Print in Nashville TN in the two HOTTEST and most HUMID months of the year, July & August, and I couldn’t be happier! (or more nervous!)

Wish me luck & I’ll keep tracking the evolution of my letterpress experience!

Not just for the birds…

Super awesome [and cute!] copy-writing-company I helped to bring their dreams to fruition! Story House Creative is made up of a few good people that do a good bit of “real writing for people who are doing the right thing”. Yey! SHC

That’s cold.

Last week Canadian Parliament decided to show it’s “solidarity” with fishing communities in the Atlantic by hosting a Seal Luncheon where they heard speeches backing the annual seal hunt off Canada’s East Coast and ate “medallions of double-smoked bacon-wrapped seal loin” and other forms of the of the furry guy above. Last year the European Union placed a ban on the import of seal products because of it’s inhumane nature [DUH, look at the carnage it creates]. For once, the U.S. was on it’s game and has had a ban on Canadian seal products since 1972. [USA! USA!]

[Michael Ignatieff, leader of the main opposition Liberal Party, Eating several seal terrine snacks for the benefit of photographers. (Reuters)]

Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, orchestrated the event and said the hunt provided income for fishing communities in the Atlantic. (hmm, child trafficking provides money to it’s perpetrators, but you don’t see the U.S. using Haitian slaves in congressional meetings to boost the island economy…) This lady is my new favorite person.  Just in front of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea who says the ban was brought about by “misguided and mean-spirited” anti-seal-hunt activists. Try misguided and mean spirited seal hunters!

The argument that this is a “job that’s been perfected over hundreds of years” is a poor one at best. Didn’t the slave trade go on for hundreds of years? I bet those guys in charge of whippings got really good with that thing. Too bad we had to take away their jobs.

But hey, at least there’s one good thing, global warming is almost working to our advantage on this one, as the “poorest ice conditions in years” may cause Seal Hunt 2010 to be scrapped this year. Here’s hoping my carbon foot-print has made a big enough impression this year!


There’s still time! open until 5pm Suday!

Save the PANDAS! [and other stuff]

So due to my random googling for the conversion of 12k to miles, I stumbled on this nifty SF blogger and in turn, this nifty SF blogger, and was lucky enough to learn about this :

An Australian based company that has decided to spend it’s marketing money helping, instead of, well, marketing. At least in the traditional sense, and I’d say this is a much more creative way to get the word out by taking advantage of our silly social media! good for you Hotels Combined! I will use you as soon as I have the opportunity! [WHICH happens to be Right Now, since I have a slew of friends that have just decided to plan a trip to our fair city of San Francisco (Finally!) and most of whom will not be allowed IN my HOUSE (JK Ladies!)]

Anyway, when you blog about them, tweet about them or become a fan of theirs on facebook they will donate money to the approved charity of your choice (they let you choose from three: World Vision, Make a Wish and WWF). If you’d like to get in on the action with almost no effort, (and since I’m not much of a “tweeter”) feel free to find  SeeJaneAdvocate on Twitter and retweet her.

Save the PANDAS! [and other stuff]

My $20 donation is going to WWF  [did i mention they have a Great logo?]

Hook a city up! [literally]

California internet giant, Google has announced it’s plan to test ultra-high speed broadband networks somewhere across the country. It seems the idea is to bring fast, reliable internet to everyone- bridging a large gap in accessibility for rural users who are still stuck with [GASP!] dial-up and change the way internet functions in our lives. They say the new 1 gigabit per second connection is 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today and will be able to do things and support apps we can’t even imagine yet.. SO “from now until March 26th, we’re asking interested municipalities to provide us with information about their communities through a Request for information (RFI), which we’ll use to determine where to build our network.” – and Grand Rapids is answering the call!

With 23,348 fans and growing, Grand Rapids has the largest facebook fan page of any city vying for the “gig”. The FB group, started and supported by Nick Kuzmin and Aaron Brander of Mindscape at Hanon-McKendry along with a few other admins and many other supporters, GR has really made an impressive effort. With videos, websites, and radio news coverage, they’re really showing their love for Google. So I figured, being a Michigan native, with almost all my family living in the Grand Rapids area – and I on the west coast, only minutes from Google headquarters, it would be the least I could do to give a shout out.

Point of the story is – take a minute and go HERE to nominate good old GR, and HERE to become a fan on Facebook, HERE to check out their cool site and HERE to follow them on twitter.

love ❤ you MI!